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SOUP Charity Launches New Brand to Reach More People in Crisis

The charity is delighted to announce the launch of a new brand, comprising a logo, website and social media activities in an effort to reach more elderly individuals across the UK.

SOUP Charity's new brand will fight against loneliness
SOUP Charity's new brand will fight against loneliness

Sincere Offerings for Unappreciated Persons (SOUP) provides critical support to extreme cases of isolation in elderly communities in Britain. Following celebrations of the charity's ten year anniversary, SOUP has rebranded with a new logo and website to campaign against loneliness.

Extended Reach

In a new marketing effort that aims to extend the charity's reach and increase support from volunteers, fundraisers and donors, the logo and website have been given a fresh outlook using a local marketing agency, Brandraven, that specialises in working with charities.

SOUP Charity's new logo
SOUP Charity's new logo

"It's an exciting time for SOUP," says Darren Christopher Rowland, Founder and Chairperson, "we are looking forward to the new brand taking our outreach programme to even more cases throughout the country. There is still a shocking number of elderly individuals living in extreme isolation, many without sufficient food or medical supplies. The conditions we find them in are often critical and we rely entirely on the support of our valued volunteers, fundraisers and donors to make a difference. Our new strategy will spread the message that the fight against loneliness is still very much prevalent in the UK."

Social media is also part of the plan, with platforms Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram being utilised for campaigns. Follow SOUP to find out the latest activities and how you can get involved in the battle against #loneliness.

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