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SOUP Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary!

Thanks to the continued support from volunteers, donors and fundraisers, SOUP

has been able to change the lives of elderly people for 10 years.

SOUP Charity celebrates ten year anniversary
SOUP Charity celebrates ten year anniversary

Sincere Offerings for Unappreciated Persons (SOUP) has enjoyed an incredible journey over the last ten years. Since being Founded at the end of 2007 and launching in 2008, the charity has touched the lives of hundreds of individuals throughout the UK who would otherwise remain unreachable by mainstream charities.

It started with a dream

Founder Darren Christopher Rowland had a dream in the late 90’s to start a new charity with the key purpose of helping elderly individuals that were slipping through the cracks of mainstream charities and organisations. It took hard work and determination for Darren and his volunteers, and ten years later SOUP was accepted by the Charity Commission.

Darren says, "I am often asked why I wanted to start a charity. In simple terms it was the desire to truly make a difference where difference is sorely needed. What once started as a dream project is finally off the ground. SOUP becoming a registered charity has made me the proudest man around. It’s now up to all of us to keep it flying!"

Outside of the Charity, Darren is a professional Life Coach and continues to support people in exchange for donations made towards the charity. You can find out more about life coaching with Darren at

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