** As of November 2018 we are currently working on setting up a new base in Manchester, please contact us if you require any details. 

SOUP supports elderly individuals across the UK who are unreached by the work of other charities. We provide an urgent outreach service to a unique group of individuals who are suffering from extreme isolation and are beyond reach of traditional charities. Many of those that we support are ex-service men and ex-service women from WW2, they have no family or friends and scarce financial security. Overlooked by their local communities, they face poor conditions, ill health and the threat of dying alone often in mental and emotional trauma.


At SOUP, we find this unacceptable. Our priority is to identify these individuals and reconnect them with society, significantly improving their quality of life. In our view, every life matters and all individuals deserve dignity and comfort in their own homes. But where large charities face restrictions that can leave many individuals unaccounted for, SOUP has measures in place to strategically reach this critical sector and provide an Urgent and last-hope service. Without us, these people are entirely alone.


For over a decade, we have worked hard to reach these individuals and our mission is to keep reaching others. We can only achieve this with your continued support and generosity. Help us make a difference. Help us end loneliness.

Isolated elderly: Our missions is to reach the severe cases of elderly individuals across the UK who are isolated from their local communities, and whom the mainstream charities cannot reach, and provide them with urgent food, emotional support and care. Our volunteers are based locally and regionally however we are currently expanding in to a full UK-wide service.


Homeless elderly: Many cases of homeless elderly people across the UK remain unreachable by mainstream street charities. SOUP works to identify and locate these extreme cases, often finding individuals close to death and in physical and emotional trauma. We offer food and shelter in the first instance, followed by re-housing efforts and support with education in order to significantly restore general wellbeing, independence and prospects.


Challenged elderly: We also support elderly individuals with physical and/or mental health issues. These are sometimes ex-service men and women who have endured suffering as a result of their work. Others are isolated due to a permanent disability or ailment developed through age. SOUP refers any cases of suspected mental or physical illness to local authorities and trusted associated charities to ensure the best care services are provided, while remaining in close contact with the individual throughout. We will never refer to another body without consent from the individual in question.

the Charity

Sincere Offerings for Unappreciated Persons (SOUP) is a registered UK Charity operated entirely by volunteers since 2007. We are an Unincorporated Association and our Trustees associate with each other to perform the work required to provide our beneficiaries with the help they need. Our manifesto ensures that ALL donations go towards our beneficiaries and every effort is made to reduce operational costs.

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Head office: 5 Printers Avenue,

Watford, Herts, WD18 7QF

Email : soupcharity@gmail.com

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Registered with the English & Welsh Charity Commission. Charity number 112176.

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